Changing For Good

Interview with Jamie Green, creator of Melbourne sleepwear label, One Night Stand.

“Generation Z believe they can change the world, fortunately for us, that’s our demographic.”

Jamie Green, creator of Melbourne sleepwear label, One Night Stand, chatted to Buffalo Milk about making the change from doing business for himself, to using business as a force to “do good”.

“Having Dyslexia, I was never really good in the classroom environment, so further study wasn’t an option for me. My father was a businessman and that seemed like a logical path. From the age of seventeen to twenty-four I had started and sold four projects, the last project was a café on Flinders Street.”

When Jamie was offered the café in Melbourne’s CBD he was enthusiastic, high on the success of his previous projects and never quite realized the work involved in running a café.

“I didn’t have the skill set in that industry and ended up losing everything within six months, I was completely broke. I didn’t even know how bad it was initially; I was in this romantic haze of being a ‘battling entrepreneur’ and couldn’t see that everything was fucked. I had to move out of my house, sell everything I owned and started crashing on friend’s couches and sleeping some nights in the café. I didn’t even see selling the café as an option until someone offered to buy it, I was like ‘hell yeah, I wanna sell the café!’”

After selling the café and gingerly getting back on his feet, Jamie read a book by Richard Branson, learning that business can be used as a force for good.

“My passion to help with youth homelessness grew because I had dipped my toes in it. It concerns me how people get to that point, and what they can do to get out.”

Jamie came up with the concept of designing sleepwear to raise money for young people sleeping rough and launched his first range with a crowd-funding event in April [2014]. Jamie stood on his feet, in a Perspex box for 24hrs straight to raise awareness for the cause and the funds needed to get One Night Stand up and running. The crowd-funding event was a success, exceeding the requested amount.

“I look back at different points in my journey and know that I didn’t see the changes as they were occurring. Before One Night Stand I was money hungry, a rock-star-entrepreneur concerned with possessions. It took losing everything to realize that experiences are more important and money is just a tool. Awareness comes in the reflection, you only notice change in hindsight.”

First published for Buffalo Milk

Photos by Madeline Ellerm