‘Sex, Consent, and Feminism’ S2 E7 Heckin’ Concerned Podcast

Bree Turner

Talking about consent is always relevant.

I was a guest on the Heckin’ Concerned Podcast in late 2019, where I got to speak to the wonderful Amruta Nargundkar about consent. The release was delayed a little because of the pandemic, and I was a little slow in promoting it, however despite the time that’s passed and how different the world feels now, consent is an evergreen topic.

Since recording this, there have been so many documentaries, TV shows, books and articles come out that I would have loved the opportunity to highlight in this episode. Two that I’d like to mention now are – Michaela Coel’s ‘I May Destroy You’ which is available to watch on Binge; also, the documentary ‘On The Record’ which is available to watch on SBS on demand. Both incredibly important contributions to the ongoing conversation addressing rape culture, sex, power and consent.

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